Thelma Patten Law, M.D.


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  • Houston Press 1963 article about her being honored (this is the old Houston Press)
  • Houston Informer article about her
  • Zeta Phi Beta Woman of the Year 1962 program
  • Pictures from Gladys Forde (clarification of names to come later, if you have a correction, or can fill in a name, please email me
    • 1  |  Mary McLeod Bethune picture: Ethyl Ellison to the right of Bethune, Eulalia White, Doris Wesley, back right
    • 2  |  Unknown event: unknown woman, Pauline Anna Law, James Law, Dr. Patten, unknown woman
    • 3  |  St. Lukes church photo: Ann Robinson, Alberta Seaton, Dr. Patten, Mrs. Garrett Lanier, Louisia Jones, Cecile Jones, Unknown, Alma Evans, Frankie Williams, Unknown, Catherine Roett, Sr., Marguerite Fletcher (husband was ophthalmologist), Margaret Alexander, Henrietta ???, Catherine Roett, Jr. “Little Catherine” (later became physician), Chaney (daughter Jewell Campbell), Gladys Forde mother, Janie Smith (husband was dentist Lonnie Smith of voting rights fame Smith v. Alwright), Ann Robinson?, Chaney ??, Guesses, McClain, Henrietta Bell Wells (“The Great Debater” From Wiley College)
    • James Law
    • 4  |  Men  – all Omega’s : Ryan (Middle school named for him?), Richardson (owned Defender newspaper), W. P. Terrell, Carter Wesley, Jack Adkins, Bill Holland, Magruder  (need to talk to Pat Prather to identify others)
    • 5  | Links Picture of 6 (Pauline Anna 3rd from left) : Ruth Jefferson, Gladys Forde, Pauline Anna Patten, Edwina Gray Higgins,  Mary Jackson (from Anahuac ), Constance (a neighbor from TSU) on the right * names are probably out of order on this.
    • 6 | Original Houston Links, Inc. founders : Goldie Hartshorn, Martha Davis Robinson, Jimmie Gray, Signora Howard, Lanette Peacock, Unknown, Vera Codwell, Thelma Patten, O Towns ?, Ann Robinson, Thelma Bell
  • Truxillo house where Law family lived (now a grocery/market) across from Cuney Homes. side | front You can still see the roof line behind the concrete cinder blocks. Pictures of the interior of the house in the 50s are included in next links.
  • Photography by her husband James H. Law: Black Life in the 50's, Patten-Law family photos posted to Flikr by AfroPix (who also has many other family photos posted, along with some great historical/event photography)
  • Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture website about Dr. Patten
  • First President of Delta Sigma Theta, Houston Alumnae Chapter (1927-1930). Meeting picture.
  • To Bear Fruit for Our Race, University of Houston African-American Physicians History Project. Dr. Patten's page
  • Links picture from the First Birthday Party (The Links, Incorporated is an international, not-for-profit corporation, established in 1946)